Webinar DetailsDate
1. Webinar by Prof. Sunil Mani on  “India’s role in frugal innovations in health-related technologies to deal with COVID-19”.5th May, 2020
2. Webinar on “Human Development Report- 2019” by  Ms. Shraddha Jain,  Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan and  Mr. Amartya Paul.20th May, 2020
3. Webinar by panellists  Professor  Alok Sheel,  Professor R Nagaraj ,  Professor Sukhpal Singh,  Mr. P. S Vijayshankar,  Professor Irudaya Rajan,  Dr. M. Parameswaran and  Dr. Chidambaran G. Iyer  on Economic growth with self- reliance in India. Title: “Does the stimulus package in five tranches enhance it?”27th May, 2020
4. Webinar on “Performance of the Plantations during the Covid-19 pandemic” by Prof. Vinoj Abraham and Dr. Mithesh Madhavan.12th June, 2020
5. Webinar on” Caste and Regular Jobs in India” by Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan and Dr. Tirtha Chatterjee19th June, 2020
6. Webinar on ” Discussion on National Strategy for Financial Inclusion ” by  Papaiah Koppula, Amit Nandan & Indrajeet Kumar, PhD Scholar-CDS24th June, 2020
7. Webinar on ” Political Economy of Government Response to COVID-19: A Cross Country Analysis” by Dr. Vinoj Abraham and Mr. Manikantha Nataraj26th June, 2020
8. Webinar on “Making Essential Medicines Affordable: Can Bangladesh do for COVID-19 what India did for AIDS?” by Prof. Sudip Chaudhuri.10th July, 2020
9. Webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on availability and access to health and nutrition services – insights from a rapid study in five states” by  S. Ramanathan and Vasudha Chakravarthy, Development Solutions, Delhi17th July, 2020
10. NRPPD Steering Committee Meeeting from 11 a.m onwards.24th July, 2020
11. Webinar on “India’s quest for technological self-reliance, An analysis of her patenting performance in the Post-TRIPS phase” by Professor Sunil Mani31st July, 2020
12. Webinar on “The Morality of Abandonment and the Production of Plantation Order in India.” by Dr. Jayaseelan Raj7th Aug, 2020
13. Webinar on “India and China: The Evolution and Status of Economic Inter-Dependence” by  Professor Biswajit Dhar14th Aug, 2020
14. Webinar on “Trade in Kerala Economy” by  Professor  Sushil Khanna21st Aug, 2020
15. Webinar on “The Social Context of Technological Experiences in India” by Dr. Anant Kamath, Azim Premji University26th Aug, 2020
16. Webinar on “Managing stress in pandemic days” by Professor Sunita Simon Kurpad, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore 9th Sept, 2020
17. 50th Foundation Year Lecture on “The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor and Power in the Age of Automation” by Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, University of Oxford10th Sept, 2020
18. Webinar on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation systems: Two Indian case studies” by Dr. Chidambaran Gurunathan Iyer, CDS18th Sept, 2020
19. Centre’s Finance Committee meeting (10 am), Committee of Direction meeting (11.30 am) and 74th Governing Body meeting (2 pm) 24th Sept, 2020
20. Webinar on “Effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on the profitability of firms: Evidence from an emerging economy.” By Dr. Ritika Jain, Asst. Professor-CDS25th Sept, 2020
21. Webinar on Is an Economic Being a “Social Moron”? Using Game Theory to Explore Moral Behaviour by Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan and Mr. Rounak Sil9th Oct, 2020
22. 50th Foundation Year Lecture series- Webinar on “From Make in India to Assemble in India to Atmanirbhar Bharat: Contradictions of Trade Policy” by Prof. C. Veeramani,IGIDR-Mumbai16th Oct, 2020
23. 50th Foundation day lecture on “Economics and Politics of the Unemployment Problem in Indian Democracy” by Prof. Amit Bhaduri-Honorary Fellow, CDS19th Oct, 2020
24. Webinar –Panel Discussion on the draft EIA Notification 2020 by panelist -Dr Karen Coelho-MIDS Chennai, Dr T V Sajeev-KFRI, Peechi and Dr Lavanya Suresh-BITS, Hyderabad moderator- Prof. J. Devika, CDS23rd Oct, 2020
25. Book release on “ Kerala and the World Economy” by Hon’ble Dr. Manmohan Singh, Former Prime Minister of India and first copy to be presented to Dr. Thomas Issac, Hon’ble Minister for Finance-GOK2nd Nov, 2020
26. 11th B.G. Kumar Lecture  on “Economic Transformation, Growth of the Middle Class and Family Change in India” to be delivered by  Professor Sonalde Desai, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland and Professor and Centre Director, NCAER-National Data Innovation Center, New Delhi5th Nov, 2020
27. Webinar on “IPR regime and Antitrust Implications of Mergers & Acquisitions: Evidence from the Indian Corporate sector” by Dr. P.L. Beena, CDS9th Nov, 2020
28. Webinar on ‘Auction theory: Reflections on the contributions of Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B.Wilson’ by Prof. Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar, CESP, JNU and Visiting Professor, CDS10th Nov, 2020
29. Webinar on “Agricultural Farm Laws-2020”  by Dr. Tirtha Chatterjee, Ms. Aritri Chakravarty and Mr. Binod Kumar Behera. 13th Nov, 2020
30. Webinar on “Fiscal Decentralisation in Kerala “by Dr. B. Alwin Prakash, Former Professor and Head of the Dept. of Economics, Kerala University.17th Nov, 2020
31. 50th Foundation year lecture series- Webinar on “Locating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in a Discourse on Development” by Prof. Amit Shovon Ray, JNU20th Nov, 2020
32. Webinar on “Industrialization for Jobs and Growth: A case study of cellular mobile phone manufacturers in India” by Dr. Chidambaran Gurunathan Iyer, CDS24th Nov, 2020
33. 50th Foundation year lecture series- Webinar on “Climate and the Economy in India from 1880 to the Present” by Professor Tirthankar Roy, London School of Economics27th Nov, 2020
34. 50th Foundation year lecture series- Webinar on “The Question of Ethics in RCTs” by Professor Reetika Khera, Associate Professor (Economics), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.4th Dec, 2020
35. 50th Foundation year lecture series- Webinar on “ Talking to Ghosts: Exploring forged employment records in NREGS” by Professor D.Rajasekhar, HAG Professor and Head, Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bengaluru11th Dec, 2020
36. 10th P. K. Gopalakrishnan Memorial Lecture on “Why Does the Indian State Both Fail and Succeed? By Professor Devesh Kapur, Director of Asian Programs, Johns Hopkins University, USA14th Dec, 2020
37. Webinar on “Covid-19 and Scheduled Tribes in Kerala: Strategies and Responses” by Dr. T. Abhilash, Assistant Professor, CDS18th Dec, 2020
38. webinar on “Revisiting the Kerala Model of Development and its Virtuous Cycle: Spectacular Successes, Spectacular Failures and Outlook for the Future” by Prof. K. P. Kannan, Honorary Fellow, CDS8th January 2021
39. Panel discussion on ‘Ownership guidelines and corporate structure for Indian private sector banks’
1) Prof. T T Ram Mohan, IIM A
2) Prof. R Nagaraj, CDS
3) Mr. Narayan Ramachandran, Inklude lab
4)Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, RIS
12th January, 2021
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