Endowment Fund

P.K. Gopalakrishnan Endowment Fund

The late Dr P.K. Gopalakrishnan was a scholar, policy advisor and institution builder par excellence. He was one of the few outstanding personalities who played an important role in the establishment of many advanced institutions of research and learning in Kerala during 1970-80. As a Policy Advisor and Secretary to the Government during the Chief Ministership of the Late Shri. C. Achutha Menon, Dr Gopalakrishnan is credited with the formulation of a science and technology for the State. To perpetuate the memory of Dr Gopalakrishnan, his family instituted the endowment at the Centre. The income earned from the endowment is being used to organise public lectures and grant fellowships to the students.

B.G. Kumar Endowment Fund

The Endowment was set up by the family of Dr B.G. Kumar, a young economist who worked with the Centre as Associate Fellow during 1990-93, passed away in early 1993 after a prolonged illness. The endowment was set up by the family to perpetuate his memory. The objective of the endowment is to organise special lectures and provide a grant to faculty for seed research.

A.D. Neelakantan Endowment Fund

A.D. Neelakantan was a student of the first batch of the M.Phil Programme during 1975-76. After his sudden demise in 1977, an endowment fund was instituted in his memory, with a modest contribution from his family, students and staff of the Centre. The purpose of the Endowment is to provide token financial support to deserving scholars to undertake research on socio-economic problems.

Joan Robinson Endowment Fund

Prof. Joan Robinson spent a few months as a Visiting Fellow at the Centre in the mid-seventies. Out of the royalty that she earned from one of her books, she instituted an endowment to support public lectures at the Centre. Prof. Robinson passed away and in her memory, the Centre had organised seven public lectures. Professor Maria Cristina Marcuzzo of University of Rome, Italy delivered the last public lecture. The original funds thus created out of the accumulated royalties have been supplemented by a generous grant from Professor Ravi Kanbur, Professor of Economics, Cornell University, USA while he was the first K N Raj National Fellow at the Centre during 2013-14, to form the Joan Robinson Endowment. The Joan Robinson prize will be awarded for the best overall performance in the MA (Applied Economics) programme. The prize is awarded from the annual returns of this endowment.

M.G. Kanbur Endowment Fund

Professor M.G Kanbur was among the generation of Indian economists who first used quantitative mathematical and econometric methods to analyze the economy of India and other developing countries. His Ph.D at the University of Birmingham, UK, was on spatial econometrics methods applied to the rice economy of South India. He was also a close associate of Professor K.N. Raj. He was one of the first economists that Professor Raj invited to visit CDS. He became a regular visitor to the Centre during its early founding days and always spoke warmly of his association with CDS.

The M.G. Kanbur prize is based on annual returns from the M.G. Kanbur Endowment instituted at the Centre by his son, Professor Ravi Kanbur, Professor of Economics, Cornell University, USA with an initial corpus of Rs 5 lakhs. The prize is awarded to the best performer in the quantitative courses of the MA (Applied Economics) programme.

Chandrika Sharma Endowment Fund

Chandrika Sharma did her MPhil in Applied Economics at the Centre during 1993 through 1996. Shewas in that ill-fated Malaysian Airline, Flight MH 370, which disappeared without a trace on March 8, 2014, while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Her classmates at the Centre, during that time, have got together and set up the Chandrika Sharma Endowment at CDS in January 2020. The annual income from this endowment will be used to provide an award for the best Statistical SurveyReport written by an MPhil or Pre Ph.D Student. The award will be available from the academic year 2020-21 onwards and the first award under this endowment will be presented during theFoundation Day Lecture of October 2021.

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