M A Programme

This four-semester programme is intended to equip students with knowledge of the analytical framework and empirical methodologies required for the study of contemporary issues in Economics, particularly with respect to development. The wide range of topics and a balance between theory and application are the hallmarks of the programme. MA students will be part of a research community comprising faculty, research students and visitors. With training in economic theory, quantitative methods, and exposure to a variety of data sets, graduates of the programme will be well prepared for careers in academia, government, the corporate sector and consulting. Degree awarded by Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

The SAARC scholarship for MA students, launched in 2016-17 provides five scholarships to students from SAARC countries that enrol in the MA programme. The SAARC Scholarship is made possible by the generous funding of the State government, which enables our M A programme to go international.

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