Ph.D Programme

Launched in 1975, the Ph.D. Programme at CDS offers registration under the Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Centre is also a recognised research centre of the University of Kerala for its doctoral programme.

Of the 210 scholars who were admitted during 1975-2019, 97 scholars have been awarded PhD Degree: 88 from JNU and 9 from KU. 2 theses are under evaluation at JNU; 1 is waiting for PhD Award Notification after the viva voce examination 40 scholars are now in campus. 35 scholars are De-Registered from the programme for employment, etc., 2 scholars are Re-Registered for submission of their thesis and 34 scholars discontinued from the programme to join elsewhere.

Current Studies

PhD Internship Abroad Programme (PIA)
To bring about more international exposure to research students, the PhD Internship Abroad (PIA) programme was launched in 2016-17. This enables PhD scholars to spend time in research work at an institute of repute in any part of the world.

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